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Tonight is Just for Us

(Double Album)

Track List

1. Little White Lies
2. There Goes His Heart Again
3. Tonight Is Just for Us
4. Down Zzyzx Road Listen
5. Bedtime Hugs & Lullaby's
6. I Let Him Go Listen
7. You're a Heathen of Love
8. Mr. Theatre Man Listen
9. Strange Unlucky Child
10. Tonight Dad Lets Twirl It Round Again
11. What Will I Do With Our Dreams
12. Ladies Long Gone





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The Emperor's Field

Track List

1. The Adrenalin Ride
2. Deep Blue Sleep
3. My Two Little Ladies
4. Please Don\'t Set Me Free
5. The Long Road Home
6. I Still Hear Your Voice
7. No More Living With Lies
8. Bedroom Eyes
9. Old Lovers
10. I\'ll Never Beg
11. The Emperor\'s Field



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Marian Bradfield Live

Track List

1. Rebel & Raver
2. There Goes His Heart
3. Polenisian Man
4. Strange Unlucky Child
5. Emperors Field
6. I Let Him Go
7. I Remember
8. Ladies Don't Cry
9. Ladies Long Gone
10. Tonight Is Just For Us
11. Zzyzx Road


The Secret Life of a Woman

Track List

1. Hearts of Every Age
2. What If
3. Momma's Kisses
4. Let Me Dream
5. Visa Card Girl
6. Texan Cowboy
7. Losing the Blues
8. Equal Grounds
9. One Kiss
10. Dance with Me
11. Matter of Time
12. Listen
13. Secret Life of a Woman / Name of Alcohol

(Bonus Track)



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Unlucky Child

Track List

1. Unlucky Child






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